Second grade and summer recap

Callie at school

Callie on the first day of second grade

Callie is in second grade this year. Her nurse during the school day knows her well, and Callie has the same teacher her 8-year-old brother Peter had last year, so the transition has been smooth.

Callie’s spring and summer were filled with activities. The highlights for her were a trip to Carolina Beach in May and Vacation Bible School at our church in July. Callie loves to sing, even though it can make her really short of breath. We love to listen to her sing because she has such a classic, out-of-tune, child’s voice (video below).

This fall, just like last fall, Callie is a cheerleader. At first, we weren’t sure if it was worth the risk because she’s weaker and has more difficulty maintaining a comfortable position than she did last year. But not long before the season began, Callie said, “Why haven’t you signed me up for cheerleading yet?”

There’s always an undertone of anxiety that feels as if it’s settled in our hearts permanently. It doesn’t take much – Callie needing oxygen at night; seeing a tired look in her eyes – for it to rise to the surface. We constantly remind ourselves that this is her life, and no matter how tired she is, she insists on living it to the fullest.

We’re going back to Carolina Beach again soon. Callie and Peter made a list of things to do while there. Some of the highlights include eating dinner on the balcony, watching the sun set, sleeping in the bunk beds, getting up at dawn, eating bacon and eggs, and drawing in the sand. With the exception of getting up at dawn, we’re looking forward to it.

11 thoughts on “Second grade and summer recap

  1. Notma

    So precious, Callie your light is the brightest I have ever seen in such young beautiful little lady. Keep that light shinning ?☀️

  2. Becky Smith

    Love to get these updates!! My heart just fills up when I see her giving 100% to do what she can!! God has a plan for her and I pray everyday that someone seeing her will see how great our God is and come to know him as their personal savior!! I hope all of y’all have a great time at Carolina Beach and the kids get their bacon and eggs and get to write in the sand!!! She is just beautiful!! God bless you all!!

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