A progress report

Callie is thrilled to be home, and although she still has a long way to go, we began to feel optimistic today that she would be able to recover from this bout with pneumonia.

She is still too weak to breathe on her own for very long. She depends on her Bipap machine for breathing support. She also could not survive without the machine that helps her cough.

callie-gracieToday while resting in bed her cat, Gracie, jumped into her bed to curl up beside her. Callie was glad to have the company.

We expect it will take a few weeks for Callie to return to her full strength, but things seem to be going in the right direction.

Once again, we are grateful for the love, support and prayers that have been shared with Callie and our family during this illness.

12 thoughts on “A progress report

  1. Carol Brannon

    Thankful things are moving in the right direction. Appreciate the updates. Prayers continue. Xox,

  2. Bob Drake

    Great to have a friend close when you don’t feel so good. Glad you have Gracie as a good friend. Hope you will be up and around with your brothers before much longer. Know that Santa Claus will be good to you, only a few weeks till Christmas Day…..so exciting!!!!
    Bob & All the Drakes

  3. Karen Goldschmidt Peterson

    Nathan and Christy, you and Callie and the boys have been in my thoughts and prayers often! Callie, my husband has pneumonia too and just got home from the hospital – you two can race each other to see who gets better first! He got out of the hospital before you so he had a head start, so that’s not fair. He sleeps on the couch with 3 of our kitties sleeping on top of him. Nothing better than your own bed, a really soft blanket and a warm kitty to help you feel better! Sending healing angels your way and hope you feel better soon!

  4. Nanette

    Grateful for the update and a sweet furry friend to keep her company! Continued prayers for that sweet girl & for you!

  5. Shelby Kasten

    Callie we are so Happy to see you recovering with your good friend Gracie. I had a black cat when I was a little girl, it’s name was Blacky. He made me very happy. I had to share him with 4 sisters. Do you share Gracie with your 4 brothers? I bet your machines are like purring to his ears. Give him a big hug for me. I love seeing your big smile in your pictures. Rest today so tomorrow can be a play day.

  6. Lori

    So glad to hear! She is such a trooper! I pray you will all have rest in our Father’s arms and you will have the relief of seeing Callie experience a healing from this pneumonia. We’ll keep on standing in the gap for you!

  7. Tim and Jessica Kennedy

    We are so glad Callie is back home and has Gracie resting with her. They look like best of friends.

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