Another night in PICU

Callie is still in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Brenner Children’s Hospital. The IV antibiotics seem to be helping, although her anxiety has been making it difficult for her to rest. The good news is that she seems to be overall better today than she was yesterday.

Breathing is still difficult. Throughout the day she has needed her Bipap machine, along with supplemental oxygen. Her temperature climbed to around 103 degrees F during the night but has not been higher than 101 today.

She’ll be in intensive care for at least one more night. We will post again tomorrow to let everybody know how she’s doing. We appreciate the prayers and well wishes for Callie and our family.

8 thoughts on “Another night in PICU

  1. Carol Brannon

    Praying that this Lord’s Day morning finds sweet Callie much stronger and more comfortable.

  2. Bob Drake

    Praying for Calle & all of you, praying for continued progress and for rest for all of you. Love you all,
    The Drakes

  3. Chris Travis

    Praying for your strong little girl. Please, God,shower her and her family with your richest blessings.

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