Today’s surgery

We’re very happy to report that Callie’s surgery went well. She was breathing on her own not long after leaving the operating room.

After going under anesthesia, Callie got dental X-rays for the first time so that the dentist could determine exactly what Callie needed. As it turned out she had one cavity filled and a total of 9 teeth pulled, including all 8 front teeth. Callie’s jaw is very small, and her permanent teeth were trying to come in but couldn’t because it was so crowded.

The other extraction was in the back of her mouth. That tooth was so deformed that the dentist thinks something went wrong when it was developing.

After the dentist finished, Callie had an uneventful extubation, and she didn’t even need her Bi-pap. She has slept most of the afternoon and evening and remains in the pediatric intensive care unit so that her breathing can be closely monitored.

The funniest part of the day happened just before surgery. Nurses and other health care professionals routinely confirm a patient’s identity. So when the anesthesiologist asked Callie if she was “Callie Golden,” Callie shook her head and quickly said, “No.”

Our hope is that Callie can go home tomorrow. Thanks, as always, for the steady flow of prayers and well wishes.

11 thoughts on “Today’s surgery

  1. Nanette

    Yay!!! I’m so glad things went well! Praying for a quick recovery and sweet rest for Mom and Dad! Thanks for keeping us updated!

  2. Suzie Miller

    So grateful for the good news! Continuing to pray for Callie as she recovers. What a little trooper! Praying for Mom & Dad, too!

  3. Dan & Faye Branyon

    So very glad to hear this wonderful report. We are thankful things went well and pray she will be home soon.

  4. Tee Newkirk

    Praise The Lord!!!! Awesome news!!! It’s just like Callie to be a jokester just before surgery. That made me laugh!!! Will continue praying.

  5. Kristy Bateson

    Fantastic news! I have been thinking about her all day! So proud of her! Give her a big hug for me;)

  6. Lawrence and Pansy Webb

    This is the answer to many prayers and wonderful news, even though we had to google to find the definition of extubation! It seems fairly obvious, once you find the answer, that it has to do with the removal of a tube.

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

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