Monthly Archives: October 2013

Chipper again

Good news — Callie is back to her chipper self. She pulled through what we hope has been the worst of this illness.

Callie has always been a happy girl, and she’s never lost her spunk even when she’s sick. But each time she’s ill it’s a reminder of how incredibly fragile she is. We called the Hospice nurse out to our house twice on Sunday night because she was doing so poorly and we weren’t sure what to do. At some point, there really wasn’t anything else we could do except wait things out.

Fortunately this morning, after having slept the vast majority of Sunday and Monday, Callie really turned a corner. It’ll take some time for her to recover — we’ll still have aspiration issues to deal with — but it’s amazing to see once again all the life she has in her.

A difficult weekend

Callie has had a rough weekend. What started as extreme fatigue late last week seems to have turned into aspiration pneumonia.

We’re thankful to have good guidance from Callie’s doctors and nurses, access to medicine and medical equipment and the support of friends and family. As usual, our goal is to help Callie rest and recover at home.

We’ll post more updates as things change.