Monthly Archives: October 2012

Sick, tired, and improving

On Monday we noticed Callie’s heart rate was high. She started running a slight fever so we took her to the doctor. He noticed the beginnings of an ear infection and prescribed antibiotics.

That was Monday. On Tuesday night Callie’s fever spiked to 103.0 and her heart rate was twice as fast as usual. On Wednesday the antibiotic started working and her symptoms started to improve.

When Callie is not sick it’s easy to forget about SMA a little. But the “beginnings of an ear infection” have kept her home for almost a week. She’s been pale, tired and even says she doesn’t feel like going to preschool. Somehow we’re always surprised that she has so little reserve.

But she is doing better. She is resting, has a good appetite and, of course, is one happy little girl.