Monthly Archives: February 2012

Callie is sick

This past weekend, Callie developed her 2nd or 3rd cold in a year’s time. We went to her pediatrician on Monday and he heard a little fluid in her lungs and discovered a whopping ear infection. We started her on an antibiotic and were relieved that this was something that was treatable. Between the antibiotic and her aggressive pulmonary therapy, we knew we’d have this licked in no time.

Then yesterday evening Callie’s status worsened. Today we went to the doctor again and she’s developed aspiration pneumonia. This is one of the most dangerous conditions with SMA. Since SMA affects all muscles in the body, her muscles used for swallowing are weakened as well. So food and drink can inadvertently pass into her lungs rather than into her stomach.

We’ve started her on another, stronger antibiotic and several other medications to help with respiratory function and comfort.

As always, we don’t know where this will lead. All we know right now is that we have a happy little girl who’s very sick and very loved.

Erin Moran: Another 13.1 miles for SMA

Erin Moran finished her first half-marathon on Nov. 19, helping Team Callie raise more than $5,000 for SMA research as part of the annual North Carolina Marathon.

On March 18, Erin will run her second half-marathon, this time in the ING New York City Half Marathon. She’s running to raise money for Families of SMA.

And once again, she’ll also be running in honor of Callie.

“It was a very powerful experience for me to run that race with Callie’s sweet face on my T-shirt, knowing that all those people and so many others supported me and the cause I was running for!” Erin said of the Nov. 19 race in High Point. “I knew I wanted to do it again.”

A half marathon is 13.1 miles, so Erin is working to raise $1,310 for Families of SMA, a non-profit organization that funds SMA research and provides support and information to families like ours who have been affected by SMA.

To make that goal more manageable, Erin is asking for donations of $13.10. If 100 people were able to donate that amount, Erin would reach her goal.

“I would love to raise more if possible,” said the High Point native who started running last July, about four months before completing the half marathon in November.

We were proud to have Erin as part of Team Callie in November, and we’re proud that she’ll be running in honor of Callie in New York next month.

If you’d like to contribute $13.10 or any amount, you can do so at this link. Or you can mail us a check and we’ll make sure Erin gets it. Our address is P.O. Box 6254, High Point, NC 27262.