Day 4

Close to midnight last night, Callie spiked another fever. The doctors drew some lab work and started antibiotics, even though they still feel this is a virus.

Callie continued to have trouble with her oxygen level last night and we administered “blow-by” oxygen–a tube that blows oxygen near her face. That got her through the night pretty well.

However, this morning, her oxygen levels were in the 80s. She was wide awake and we had already done our little routine of chest PT, cough assist and deep suction. This time, we put oxygen directly into her nose, which helped some. Even though she was exhausted, we did a second round of deep suctioning. That seemed to do the trick because her levels came up to the low 90s and she took a nap afterward without requiring oxygen.

Her pulmonologist, an SMA expert, came to see her today and decided to start putting a bipap machine on her while she’s sleeping. A bibpap machine basically forces oxygen into the lungs and will help her breath easier, clear secretions and rest better. It’s non-invasive ventilation as opposed to intubation with a ventilator. He doesn’t think Callie will need to be on a ventilator during this admission.

The only other lingering issue is Callie’s nutrition. She hasn’t eaten well in about 4 days. Although she’s getting IV hydration, she’s not getting enough calories. That also affects her breathing since she needs energy to help herself breath. We plan to start IV nutrition tomorrow. Our hope is that the bipap will help get her through this difficult period and that she will start eating well again before needing more invasive methods of nutrition.

Thanks to Fran and Sandy for keeping our boys today so Nathan and I could be at the hospital together with Callie.

7 thoughts on “Day 4

  1. Bob Drake

    We pray that Callie and you and Nathan will get through this tough period at the hospital. We pray for strength for Callie and that she will be able to eat a little more each day, and gain the strength she needs to fight during this time. We also pray that you and Nathan will get strength from knowing that so many are praying and thinking about you all the time. And hope you both are getting some rest, as we know this time is physically and mentally exhausting. We are lifting you up in prayer right now and throughout these days.

  2. Jill Willis

    Lifting you all up in prayers. Please let me know if I can do anything at all for you. God’s grace and mercy be with you. Love, Jill

  3. Kathy Verdi

    We are praying for Callie and hope that she is feeling better soon. Please let us know if there is anything you need. I really miss seeing you all. Love to all!

  4. steven lerch

    Continuing to pray for Cali and you guys Just to let you know they used a bibpap machine on my mother for a while and it did wonders for her

  5. Carol Brannon

    You all are very much in our thoughts and prayers. Wish we lived closer and could help with the boys. So grateful that you have such supportive friends.

  6. Lori Travers

    Still praying and sending love. Is there anything we can do from MOMS? Would you like to make this a public prayer request?

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